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Trip to Meißen

Welcome to a trip into the “cradle” of Saxony and the origin of the so-called White Gold. Welcome into a town looking back to a 1000-year history. During an exclusive guided tour through the porcelain manufacture you’ll learn a lot about the development of porcelain and you can watch a porcelain painter decorating the fine items like magic.
Furthermore you will explore the carefully restored old town dating from the middle-ages and visit important sights, e.g. the Dome or the Albrechtsburg castle. There are many interesting things and treasures waiting to be discovered around the market in lovable nooks and crannies.
When: 9/11/2009, 10 a.m.
Where: Meeting point entrance hall Maritim hotel (conference site)
Price (incl. transfer, entrance fees and guided tour): 40 EUR per person
Duration: app. 4 hours
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